At the heart of efficient project management is good project planning and reliable metrics, enabling a "measure and manage" approach. A sample study carried out by the IBC Cost Engineering Committee (CEC) in 1999, showed cost improvements for the projects in the study was more than 10%.

There are many reasons, including the following:

  • EarnedView brings this data together onto a common platform with a common breakdown structure. This ensures that you can integrate your primary project parameters – time, cost and scope.
  • Bringing together related parameters can identify “imbalances” (where related parameters do not align) which are a marker of errors in one or more of the project fundamentals.
  • Past performance can be directly and graphically compared against future planned performance. This can be very revealing in terms of step changes that are being planned knowingly or unknowingly.

In short - data integrity. A spreadsheet is not the right tool for dealing large amounts of data. The data integrity in a database like EarnedView is much greater than that with a spreadsheet. In a spreadsheet, it is easy to accidentally corrupt cells' formulas or overwrite with hard numbers. It is also far more efficient and reliable to calculate large amounts of data using a database such as EarnedView (e.g. for computing secondary parameters and creating time-phased curves.)

  1. A project programme can easily grow to several thousand line-items. Whilst it may be feasible to do an initial assignment of budget and resources at this level of detail, keeping up with the inevitable changes can become extremely time consuming and resource intensive. Furthermore, updating the necessary parameters during the period-end reporting cycle requires exponentially more resources to undertake.
  2. Your project programme will typically not cover the full scope of your project, for example management activities. Furthermore, adding management tasks leads to clutter being added to a schedule. They can have the effect of distracting the focus from the tasks in your project schedule that will actually help you meet or beat your project completion goals.

Yes. EarnedView enables compliance with Australian Standard AS 4817, a key requirement in many defence and large construction project contracts.

EarnedView can provide as much or as little support as our clients require. From stand-alone licenses to implementation only, to full support.

This depends on the specific requirements, but there has not yet been a situation encountered where EarnedView does not meet a company's requirements. EarnedView brings a common platform with proven success on large and small projects.

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