Achieving control with EarnedView™!

Easy analysis of your project performance trends

EarnedView was created to pull together the various parameters generated by a project onto a common platform in order to:

  • Calculate performance parameters such as earned value.
  • Display all measured parameters next to each other for comparison.

This allows:

  • A clear comparison of past performance against forecast performance to meet time and cost goals.
  • Performance measurement against a clear baseline.

Benefits of using EarnedView

  • Improves transparency and gain insights
  • Understand past performance/resource-use against future performance/resource-use
  • Quickly identify cost forecast which may not be correct
  • Improves the information available to make effective decisions
  • Optimise your project outcomes

Trusted by tier-one contractors on more than
$20 billion of live projects in Australia.

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EarnedView can be used as a stand alone product or as part of the ControlPro suite.

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